Healing Spell Box

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This beautiful box has the image of a tree carved into the lid and is lined with black velvet. Each box has been imbued with intention for your highest healing potential and includes a stone for each chakra plus tourmaline for grounding and transformation, two spell candles in shades of green, Palo Santo, two 4 dram vials of appropriate herbs, a sachet of dried lavender buds and a spell booklet. *Stones included are red jasper (root chakra), carnelian (sacral), gold aura stone (navel), aventurine (heart), angelite (throat), soapstone (third eye) and amethyst (crown).  

Use this box to heal all levels of your self. Whether you seek release from anxiety, trauma, an illness, injury, a bad relationship, psychic trauma, past life residue, old outmoded ways of thinking that no longer serve you or general healing that is not labeled, the ritual and items in this box will assist in your healing journey. Physically performing a ritual of release and healing is incredibly helpful in your healing journey.

*The act of release and healing is a personal journey and we cannot guarnatee that your concerns or ailments will be resolved with the use of this spell box. Each person should always follow the directions of their doctor and therapist first.*