Manifesting Spell Box

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Help manifest your intentions with this spell box. Wooden box with leather and brass accents comes with two 4 dram herb vials with appropriate herbs, two spell candles (green and yellow), gold aura stone, carnelian and a quartz crystal, Palo Santo and a manifesting spell "booklet". 

Set up your altar or a ritual circle and use the items and booklet to help manifest your greater good into reality. The box and items have been filled with intention that your dreams and desires that serve your highest good come to fruition. 

*The use of the items in the box and the ritual included serve to help clarify your intentions and set in motion the Universe's force to help you achieve that which you need and want most. *There is no guarantee that what you desire will come to fruition. You cannot affect other's free will or mainfest into existance that which does not serve you best.*