I grew up in a family steeped in intuition and spirituality, in all of it's forms. From a great grandmother who read tea leaves in Great Britain, to a grandmother that was an active member in her church and highly psychic, to my mother that saved lives through premonition dreams. Being connected is in my blood and i believe in all of ours. I have actively been reading Tarot cards for 15 years and a medium my entire life. 

I do offer intuitive Tarot readings from 20-60 minutes either over the phone or in person for those in my area. 

Medium work is a soft delicate form of communicating with loved ones that have passed away and is done from a place of love. Please feel free to ask about this process. 



Tara Melograna recommends Kristen Hatch: "Kristen is Amazing! She was recommended to me by a friend and she knew nothing about me when I came for my session. I gave her absolutely no information about why I was there or my situation and she absolutely nailed it and gave me really helpful info. She's also just a really sweet and down to earth person. I have and will continue to refer people to her."


"Kristen Wilcox-Hatch
 has a gift that only God can give. She reached out to my husband and was so on point, it took my breath away. She has such a heart for her gift. Since my experience with her, I have felt such peace in my heart and happiness, something I've not felt in 3 years. Not only is she gifted, she is truly a gift."- Sue Lucero

"Today was the first time ever having a reading & I have to say my experience with Kristen was out of this world wonderful!! Kristen was very in tune with everything that has been going on & is going on in my life  I am a believer & a skeptic but Kristen listened to the universe because everything she shared with me about me was & is 100 legit. Kristen you're amazing!"- Tania Ramirez